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Blog: gOS 3 Google Gadgets Review

Sep 15th, 2008 | By David Harper | Category: Linux

I think gOS 3 has some merits. Trying to free some of the Web applications from the browser sometimes makes sense. Adding WINE is also a plus for new Windows switchers. Having MP3 playback and Flash working out of the box is also helpful for newbies. Other than a few minor issues I didn’t have any problems running the system.

gOS - a good OS for your Mum

Aug 26th, 2008 | By David Harper | Category: Linux

If you were to run across gOS by buying a new netbook that shipped with it, we have no doubt you’d be impressed. While we have no doubt that gOS will ruffle some feathers, we also have no doubt that Mom and Dad won’t care one bit as they sit in the Maldives emailing “wish you were here” pictures of the beach.